Commerical Window Tinting & Films

Commercial buildings need to be as energy efficient and safe as possible. No matter if the building is an office, an apartment building or any other large structure, they all have a common vulnerability: windows. Windows are a primary source of heat gain, which can lead to inflated electric bills. Additionally, windows are one of the most easily damaged parts of any building, either due to severe weather or burglary.

Window films can help you both insulate and protect. There are many different types of window films, but only 3M Window Films have a long, trusted record of customer satisfaction.

The Best in the Business

3M Window Films are made with 28 micro-layers of tear-resistant Ultra safety film. The Sun Control Film series blocks up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays thanks to a precision-coated metal which increases solar energy reflection. By keeping heat out of your home in the summer, you can reduce your cooling energy use. The film saves up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of sun-exposed glass.

3M Sun Control Films can be installed on every window in your building or placed in specific “hot spots.” Many condo and apartment managers have found that installing window films results in overall energy savings which quickly pay for the cost of the films.

Professional Installation Which Lasts a Lifetime

All 3M Window Films are professionally installed by 3M qualified technicians. The films allow up to 70% of visible light through your windows, and many are designed to leave the outside appearance of the building unaltered. They also effectively block harmful UV radiation.

Once installed, maintenance is a snap. Thirty days after installation, the Films can be cleaned with regular household cleaners and a soft cloth.  3M Films are designed to last for many years, with an abrasion-resistant coating which helps prevent scratches and ensures your windows always look great.

3M is an industry leader in Window Films, and they proudly stand behind their products. They are warrantied against bubbling, cracking, peeling and crazing. If the product turns out to be defective, 3M and their authorized dealers will replace it free, including labor costs.

Security You Can Count On

Windows are a key point of entry for burglars, and they are also susceptible to breakage from severe weather such as rain, hail and wind. 3M Window Films can help secure your windows with their Safety-Shield technology. The Safety-Shield reinforces your windows, helping protect against breakage. It does this, however, without any significant reduction in visibility.

The 3M Window Films help prevent smash-and-grab style burglaries, and they also prevent flying shards of glass in the event of any type of explosion or other high impact.

Perfect for Many Different Situations

Window Films are a smart choice for a wide variety of buildings, from large offices to apartment complexes to basically any other commercial structure which has many windows. 3M Films reduce glare on computer screens in offices, and promote tenant comfort in dwellings.

Enjoy lower power consumption, greater insulation and advanced security today with 3M window Films.

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